Freight Claims

According to the Main Electric Supply Selling Policy, products are sold F.O.B. point of shipment unless otherwise negotiated. Therefore, the risk of loss is on the customer while the product is in transit. Due to this point, it is very important that the customer will accept all freight that is shipped to them and thoroughly inspect the product upon delivery. If products are refused due to damage, the customer is still responsible for payment of the product.

Main Electric Supply recognizes that the process of filing claims for damaged or missing freight is very time-consuming and unpleasant for everyone involved. We want to provide you our valued customers with tips and information that will aid in investigating and resolving your claim promptly.

All claims are subject to the terms and conditions of the consignor (carrier) and the National Motor Freight Classifications rules regulations. To view your carriers rules please visit the company website.

  • A completed claim form must be submitted and include:
    • A statement of the amount you are seeking as reimbursement
    • Carrier pro number to identify the shipment
    • Shipper's original invoice or legible copy (all pages must be included)
    • Signature of the claimant
      • If photographs are available please submit via E-Mail or US Mail.
  • File your claim as soon as possible after delivery. All claims must be filed within 5 days from the date of delivery.
  • Freight charges must be paid in full before any resolution is made. Freight claims are not a lien on freight charges and may not be deducted from your remittance.
  • Mitigation is the responsibility of all parties involved and an effort must be made to minimize the amount of the claim to the lowest possible amount. This can be accomplished by making repairs or selling the product at a discounted price.
    • If repairs are made please include supporting documentation with a breakdown of parties and rate of labor per hour.
  • Damaged product must be retained along with the original packaging for purpose of inspection and/or salvage recovery. If salvage cannot be obtained through no fault of the carrier the claim will likely be declined.
  • Please provide a detailed statement if there are special circumstances we should be aware of while we are investigating your claim.

For further assistance in filing your claim please contact your sales representative OR:


Phone: 949-833-3052

Mail: 3600 W. Segerstrom Santa Ana, CA 92704

Presentation of Loss and Damage Claims (PDF) can be downloaded HERE.