With an extensive product inventory, we provide our customers with their favorite electrical brands. We know every customer is different with varying needs and ways of doing business, so we are always finding ways to help them achieve success. Our knowledgeable industry specialists know the ins and outs of our inventory, ensuring we provide the best possible service for the commercial industry.

Our substantial history in providing services for the commercial industry, gives us the cutting edge. Having developed around the commercial industry, we are always finding ways to remain innovative and set the bar high.


We have what you need to get your project complete on-time and on-budget. Our sales staff, with their extensive experience and expertise, will guide you through the emergencies and technical issues that the industrial industry faces daily. To continue helping you prepare for those unexpected emergencies, we provide 24 hour delivery service. We are here for you, our customers, to make your life as easy as possible.


For those projects that require large quantities of the same products, we provide systems that meet the needs of your specific application. Our great relationships with vendors for competitive pricing and our reliable delivery service will make getting the job done faster and more efficiently.


Main understands that having the right equipment and parts on-site to make sure maintenance and repair operations can be performed is critical to any industry professional. There's also a fine line between having every possible MRO tool and having just the right amount of tools in order to successfully complete your job. This balance is achieved by keeping a close eye on inventory status and managing clearly communicated deliveries.


When we acquired United Electric in 2011, our residential line began to grow tremendously. We realize projects like these require flexibility, so we aim to make our programs as adaptable as possible for you, our customer. Our involvement in the construction or operation of residential facilities such as single family housing (custom/tract/mobile) and low-rise multi-family housing gives, helps us fulfill your goals.


Due to the strict requirements of the government procurement process, our equipment and supplies ensure proper service for government facilities. We have supplied various projects including schools, hospitals, airports, roadways, and everything in between.